• Welcome to the Retail Invoice Payment System

Users can pay invoices with their every day credit card even if your distributor or service provider does not accept them

You can be up and paying in just a few easy steps!


Increase Payment Options

Pay distributors, a landlord and other approved categories with a credit card where they do not accept them directly.

Increase Purchasing Power

Gives you flexibility when needed to spend more on inventory, are in a bind or just need an extra cash flow cushion.

Increase Profitability

Get better deals and investment returns when you have more control with purchasing and payment terms.

Low invoice processing fee of 2.99%

Covers processing costs plus a small fee for providing the service.

Invoice processing fee may be tax deductible offering additional savings

The fee may be an expense. Please consult a tax advisor.

Pay multiple distributors and invoices in one session

Pay up to 100 invoices and distributors within the single session.

Payment security and protection

We will work with you to fix any mistakes and processing errors.

Cash back or points can offset the low invoice processing fee of 2.99%

If offered, retailers can use these points to offset the 2.99% or use them for other purposes.

Free up needed cash flow by using your credit card to pay invoices

Payments made directly to the distributors the day after we receive and confirm payment.

No need to write anymore checks to individual distributors

Input your invoices to multiple distributors in the one session and we will send the individual checks or make ACH payments on your behalf.

How It Works
Register your business
Select or add distributor(s)
Input invoice information
Input payment information
We receive and confirm payment
Distributor(s) paid next day