• Welcome to the Retail Invoice Payment System

About Us


Retail Invoice Payment System was created by a retailer who fully understands when making a payment is needed to get a better percentage off an invoice or what it is like to be in a bind and still need to purchase inventory through a distributor that does not accept credit cards as a form of payment. As this helps us, we are sure it will help you too.

Who We Are:

My wife and I have been in the retail business for over 15 years. Like any other business, Retail Invoice Payment System was born from a want and a need. As a retailer there were many times we found ourselves in a cash crunch and in wanting to purchase additional inventory or pay invoices with a credit card.


This system was developed with our many, “oh crap” moments where we realized we were short on cash needed to purchase additional inventory and pay invoices. There are many costly forms of financing such as small business loans, lines of credit, microloans and merchant cash advances. These all take time, require extensive paperwork and may require collateral. With Retail Invoice Payment System you get immediate relief by using your everyday credit card to purchase inventory from your distributors who would otherwise not accept cedit cards as a form of payment.

Because we understand the needs to purchase inventory and getting an invoice paid, we set up the system so you can pay multiple distributors quickly and easily within a single session. The average time from your payment to the distributors is approximately 48 hours.

With Retail Invoice Payment System, it is all about being able to pay your way.