• Welcome to the Retail Invoice Payment System


What is Retail Invoice Payment System?
It is a payments service provider for retailers who choose to pay invoices with their credit card including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Who can use Retail Invoice Payment System?
Any verified retailer who registers and wants to use a credit card to pay their invoices.

Are there any registration fees?
No, and the services can be used any time.

How do I go about paying invoices with a credit card?
First you need to register. Once you complete the simple steps and Retail Invoice Payment System verifies your business, you are ready to go.

Can I pay a invoices with my credit card right after registering?
Yes you can. Once you register, you will select distributors from our pre-populated list or add your own and then simply select "Pay Invoice(s)" from the menu.

How does Retail Invoice Payment System know whom to pay?
Once registered and logged in, you chose the distributors whom you do business with by pressing the "My Distributors" tab from the top of the page. A drop down list of vetted distributors will be provided by this action. Choose your distributors. Their names will automatically appear on your list. Only vetted distributors will be included. If your distributor is not listed Retail Invoice Payment System will add their name and will vet them as a distributor. You can add and remove distributors any time. Each time you add one, it only needs to be done once and they will be associated with your business going forward or until removed.

How does Retail Invoice Payment System know my credit card name and the amount I will be charging?
When you press the “Pay invoice(s)” tab on top of page, you will be provided with blank spaces, which to fill in the information that is needed, in order to pay your invoice(s).

Is there a limit on the amount or invoices I can pay?
Your credit status will determine the amount or amounts of payment. You can pay up to 100 invoices at a time to 1 or 100 distributors in a single session.

Who authorizes the payment of invoices?
You authorize Retail Invoice Payment System to make the payment on your behalf. You make the payment via your credit card and upon Retail Invoice Payment System receiving payment, an ACH payment or certified check is sent to the respective distributors. The average time from your payment to the distributors is approximateley 48 hours.

Can I get cash back from Retail Invoice Payment System?
No. Only verified distributors who have provided a product or service can receive a payment from Retail Invoice Payment System.

Are there any special considerations regarding paying invoices with a credit card?
Any credit card payment is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by your credit card provider. Retail Invoice Payment System provides the convenience of paying invoices straight with a credit card.

Do I get cash back benefits from my credit card when I use it to pay invoices?
Yes you do, if this is your credit card’s established reward.

What are the financial benefits for using my credit card to pay my invoices?
Providing that you intend to pay the full amount of the invoices charged, you have the benefit of adding 30+ days, as per credit card rules and billing cycles, to pay for the invoices charged. In addition, you get all the bonuses afforded by a credit card, such as, cash back, miles etc.

How much does it cost to use my credit card to pay invoices using Retail Invoice Payment System?
Retail Invoice Payment System charges a no-negotiable fee of 2.99%, on the amount charged, compared to 5% charged by a credit card for cash advance. This 2.99% amount will be added to the amount charged to your credit card at the time when the service is provided.

How much will I be saving by using my credit card to pay invoices?
Charging your invoices to your credit card could potentially save you 2.01% at crunch time. You would have to pay 5% to the same credit card company to borrow the same amount in the form of a cash advance. This saving is on top of the advantage of adding 30+ days to the life of an invoice, before it becomes due. In addition, you enjoy all the benefits offered by the credit card used, like; cash back, which could be used to offset partial cost incurred by using Retail Invoice Payment System. By paying your invoices with your credit card, you free working capital, which you could use to purchase those special offers from distributors. And you can have this valuable flexibility and use it, on your own terms. When you use your credit card to pay invoices, you decide when invoices are due.